Diving courses

Many divers who join Saba Divers will expand their diving skills by completing PADI specialty courses led by our instructors. People with no previous diving experience can gain all the necessary skills under our professional guidance and return home as divers with a PADI certification which is valid worldwide.

We will organize courses tailored to your personal needs while always complying with all relevant rules and procedures.

Below you can find an overview of the most frequently demanded courses. By completing these courses you will get an internationally recognized PADI certification.

If you want to save some time during your vacation, we recommend to complete the PADI eLearning program before your holiday on Saba. This allows you to complete the theoretical part of your course from the comfort of home. Click the following banner to sign up to eLearning through our Dive Center…

Type of courseDescriptionNumber of training daysPool sessionsDives in the sea
Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)You will discover and experience scuba diving in the open water under the direct supervision of a PADI professional0,51
Scuba DiverThis is a beginner course. ( half of an Open water course) Maximum depth for a PADI Scuba Diver is 12m, always under supervision of a PADI professional.232
Open Water DiverThe initial course will teach you the basic skills and knowledge you need as a diver. Upon completion you will get the internationally recognized PADI certification. Maximum depth for a PADI OWD is 18m. Minimum age 10 years old (with depth restriction)3 / 454
Advanced Open Water DiverThe course helps to build confidence and expand your scuba diving skills. This requires two mandatory dives: deep diving and underwater navigation. You can choose the other 3 dives according to your preference. Maximum depth for a PADI AOWD is 30m.25
Rescue diverWith the rescue diver course you will learn all the skills and theory you need to save yourself and others in case of emergency. We simulate all possible emergency situations.on request
Enriched Air Nitrox Diver CourseThe course allows you to dive with a mixture with a higher concentration of oxygen then regular air mixture. The higher percentage of oxygen has the advantage of longer bottom times and less nitrogen, which reduces the chance of decompression sickness0,5
Refresher Dive Course AKA scuba tune upDepending on your diving experience and the time you haven’t been diving, a ”refresher” is recommended to catch up on theory and skills before you join the regular dive groups.0,51
Divemaster CourseEntry into a professional dive carreer. Completing a divemaster course gives you detailed knowledge about all aspects of diving. You get trained at taking responsibility for other divers, lead them on their dives and assist in all courses.on request